The LoveMarketers Digital Agency

Using the latest techniques to tweak all areas of your marketing so they work in harmony and reach their true potential.  Continual improvement of all points in your sales funnel based on analysis of results is always part of our marketing approach.

Focusing on what is most important, your customers experience

Where we differ from many agencies is our strong focus on the marketing basics, using emotions to show your customers the love in a genuine and consistent way.

Discovering interesting ways to attract people to your brand and engaging them with sensual marketing & storytelling. Using a personal approach to building a community around your brand and helping you become a trustworthy authority in your field. Updating and enhancing traditional sales techniques to suit the new digital world we live in today.

Helping you to Convert from a brand into a “LoveMark*”

What has love got to do with business?

Business is all about Love, wooing your customers as you would a date, building relationships with emotion. The Lovemarks* concept and the idea of following your heart and emotions resonates with our approach to marketing, not pushing your leads to buy, but reaching a place where they would instead love to buy and tell others about you.

To transform your brand into a “Lovemark”,

means to go from irreplaceable to irresistible….”

Kevin Roberts

What is the Lovemarks* concept?

*Lovemarks was  Introduced by Kevin Roberts of Saatchi and Saatchi in his book “Lovemarks:The future beyond brands”

“The Attraction economy is a place where all companies must create

powerful emotional experiences that turn the dreams of consumers into reality……

Consumers today demand that the conversation with them becomes two-way.

Only with Mystery, Sensuality, and Intimacy will businesses be able to create

the compelling emotional experiences that will differentiate them in the marketplace

and attract the love of consumers. Forever”

- Kevin Roberts (Saatchi & Saatchi)

How can The LoveMarketers Agency help you?

By helping you to set up top marketing strategies and the best paid advertising techniques for your business. We will also focus on getting your base right, which will multiply the results from your marketing campaigns.

Developing the fundamentals of your online marketing and incorporating sensuality and love for your customers at every step of your lead generation and sales process.

Not getting tied up in the latest great thing just for the sake of it,

We help you choose and implement the best digital marketing options

for your  company based on potential returns

then carefully measure the results

The LoveMarketers use best practice to tweak your fundamentals:

  • Professional online platform development (Web & Social media)

  • Reporting on key online goals and calculating their impact on sales

  • Smart implementation of the best marketing  software for your business

  • Engaging emails and social media to enhance your community

  • Community building systems to grow your lead base

  • Website optimisation designed to boost enquiries

What you get with The LoveMarketers

The LoveMarketers Agency is a team of marketing and technical implementation specialists with a holistic approach to online marketing. We understand that all areas need to work together to get you the best results. We find the best ways to attract leads to your business, creating an engaging community around your brand and then use smart marketing strategies to convert them into customers

  1. Partners - Your marketing team, partners in your business -  not just providers of generic services. Long term ongoing partnerships where everything is tailored to suit your needs, not services that are sold to fill short term goals for our agencies sales quota.

  1. Holistic total view of marketing rather than a siloed approach (focusing on digital or traditional areas with each department in isolation). We look at your entire sales funnel, both online and offline and then work out how they should operate together to get you the best results.

  1. Implementors  - Not just good ideas - You will get a complete package, not only marketing strategy and smart online marketing ideas and the latest techniques, but also fast and efficient best practice implementation of these strategies.

  1. Performance Driven Approach - Measurable outcomes such as increased web traffic, subscribers, leads and sales. We analyse true KPI’s weekly to ensure you actually get a real return on your investment, not just meaningless increases in “stats”

  1. Smart Systems - Systems and processes drive all aspects of our business, along with an attitude of continual innovation. We learn from our mistakes and update processes with the latest new techniques so that you can be sure of consistent and improving performance.

  1. Transparency - You have full access to tasks, timings, and even individual team members working on your project. Hours are never hidden and regular reporting and communication are considered essential so you will always know the status and budgets of your project.

  1. Online Technology Know-How - We live and breathe all aspects of new technology using it intensively ourselves to manage projects and market our clients better.  We educate you about any new technology that can add value to your service, make your jobs easier or improve your bottom line.

  1. Highly Skilled and Experienced Team - We only select people who are truly passionate in their areas of specialty and nurture our team members to continually learn and keep up with the latest techniques in their field. Most of our team have marketing degrees and Google analytics and adwords certifications, but more importantly they are all doers with real world experience working in their field of expertise.

What is wrong with existing providers?

There are some true specialists who really know their stuff and their limits, we love to partner with them, working together to take their clients to the next level, hopefully some of your current marketers are in this category.  

We believe many companies are poorly served by those in the market at the moment, as they seldom look at the big picture and instead push their traditional core services rather than developing marketing based on what can make the best returns.

If your current providers are not covering the areas listed above, you may be missing out on some huge opportunities in the digital area. Few providers set up professional funnel wide reporting with a sales focus, instead talking about selected metrics which often do not translate to enquiries and sales.

We have noticed the following issues with some of the key digital providers in the market today

Traditional Advertising Agencies often have a shallow understanding of digital platforms and are still be pushing their “media placement, impressions, views, brand recognition campaigns” approach. They may supplement these campaigns with some poorly executed or outsourced digital marketing, but generally mark it up with very high costs resulting in a low Return on Investment from sales generated (if this is even measured).

Web Developers, Graphic Designers and Copywriters may be experts in their field but are always pushing sales in their main area (irrelevant of ROI) rather than suggesting the right digital strategies. They often offer marketing services but without the specialised knowledge needed to follow best practice and get top returns.

Digital Marketing Specialists, may be brilliant in a single area of digital marketing, which they push to the exclusion of other areas of digital marketing. They usually fail to integrate this into a holistic  strategy covering all areas of digital marketing and platforms. This  results in missed  opportunities and a failure to “pick the high return low hanging fruit”.

How to Supercharge & Automate your Email Marketing

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You Will Learn:

  • Ten Essential List Building steps
  • How to create raving fans of your newsletter
  • Top Email Automation and Software tips
  • How to transform readers into buyers