Google Adwords - Paid Search Advertising

Adwords is the easiest way to quickly drive visitors to your site and also the easiest way to chew through your advertising budget and lose more than you spend if you don’t know what you are doing.

Some industries are big adwords users and have pushed the costs sky-high, which means your cost of each click can be as much as $20-$30, there are still ways to run campaigns in these industries by finding the right niche and low cost words and considering how you can cash in on those areas.

The LoveMarketer Adwords packages will always consider:

  • Cost per click keyword optimisation to get you the lowest cost per click
  • Correct analytics setup to ensure website enquiries are tracked back to adwords
  • Landing page creation if needed to increase enquiries per click (see below)
  • Split testing of adverts to find those that resonate the most and get the best results
  • Setting up multiple ad groups to target different areas and pages on your site

Revolutionary Ad tracking technology and qualified adwords specialists

The LoveMarketers can set-up campaigns for anything from $200 per month through to thousands per month for larger clients. Our adwords team have formal qualifications in Google adwords and analytics so you can be sure we are following best industry practice when setting up your campaign.

For bigger clients we can offer some of the best technology and service in the industry, even recording phone calls and tracking web enquiries and calls back to which adword was clicked on and automatically optimising the keywords to maximise click through rates on a daily basis.

Some competitors track how many phone calls, but can’t tell you exactly what keyword triggered that call, making it impossible to make educated decisions on how to modify your spend for best results. Be sure to check exactly what you are getting, many “specialists” just set and forget or do checks every few months, adwords requires ongoing adjustment to get you the best results for your money.

Landing Pages and analytics for Adwords

You need to be confident that once they get to your site advert clickers will turn into buyers, a little work on the “landing pages” can massively boost the rate you convert visitors into buyers at (your conversion rate). The correct set-up of your on site analytics to measure goals and report back to Google Adwords is also essential so you can spend more on words which drive the most enquiries.

The LoveMarketers can assist you with all aspects of website optimisation and both Analytics set-up to help you get the most out of your adwords, while not essential, you will be throwing good money away if you ignore these areas.

How to show your adwords some love?

  • $50 per month administration fee
  • 10-15% of your monthly spend for managing your campaign.
  • Landing page and analytics setup depends on what is required.

and we can have a chat with you and explain how it all works

How to Supercharge & Automate your Email Marketing

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You Will Learn:

  • Ten Essential List Building steps
  • How to create raving fans of your newsletter
  • Top Email Automation and Software tips
  • How to transform readers into buyers