Club Builder - Standard

For those who are serious about building a community. The Club Builder Package includes everything from the Starter Package as well as customised gift vouchers for your customers, personal coaching to ensure you are setting up an effective club, and some other innovative features that will get you going with a roaring start.

As soon as someone signs up to your club they will automatically get a stylish email welcome with a gift voucher to encourage them to try out your services. You could also include a gift bag voucher/download with such things as free e-books (for example recipes) - we will work with you to develop the right strategy to suit your business.

As well as all the items in the Starter Package, you will also get..

  • A Stylish full graphic welcome email sent to your club sign-ups.
  • An easy way to send your club members uniquely barcoded discount vouchers that you can scan with any smartphone to be sure they are genuine when they bring them in (you get your first vouchers designed free with this package, ready to use in your welcome email or at a later stage).
  • Track your customer's behaviour - when a voucher is used, you can scan it with any smartphone and the customer’s details are automatically updated in the email program. You can see how effective your promotions are & exactly who has used your offers.
  • Turn club sign-ups into actual customers by offering special deals to new club members. You also get a second follow-up email ‘Goody Bag’ featuring special new member offers to entice them in.
  • Automated reminders of sign-up offers x 2 - get your new members to visit or interact with your business, not just joining the club and sitting on a mailing list doing nothing.
  • Send your club members vouchers for public holidays or other occasions to get them interested in what you do.
  • Send your club members special offers whenever you want using the stylish template you get with the club builder package. Send out special offers, event reminders or alerts as you need them or during times when you are expecting your business to be quiet. Don't have to limit yourself to just newsletters.

Set up a club that people will want to be a part of with the in-depth marketing consultation provided.

club builder standard setup a club
  • Learn how to build a loyalty club that works with emails that people will want to read and that will make them take action. Your personal one hour coaching session with one of our marketing consultants will make sure you are not just sending out pointless sales letters with poor results.
  • All your set-up done for you - you will get the welcome emails, graphics & sign-up pages, reminder emails & ‘Goody Bag’ email prepared by our team.
  • Comprehensive annual plan to avoid those last minute rush jobs - work through the Annual Planner Process with your consultant so that you have a planned strategy for the up-coming year.
  • Your first two email newsletters will be reviewed by our marketing specialists to make sure you are on the right track.
  • Regular Meetings to review your Newsletters & Results over the first two months

club builder standard track your result

Track your results with the Club Builder KPI reporting system

To get the best results you must know what happens after you send an email - what they click on, how many take action, how well your newsletters work. These statistics are called Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

The Club Builder Package ensures you understand exactly what results you are getting, and teaches you how to improve your mail-outs each time.

  • Key performance indicator review worksheet - to help you track all KPI's.
  • Key performance management (2 months) - let us help you by filling in the worksheet.
  • Key performance reviews - how you went and how you can do better.

Your automated no hassle club-building system.


As soon as a member joins your club they will get a welcome email and gift voucher automatically sent to them, reminders to use this voucher. Build your club by showing your customers you love them, a great way to get potential customers to try out your business.

Build your list faster with adverts and banners for your website, an attractive newsletter template, and an easy system to track your Key Performance Indicators.

But what is the investment?

$995 Setup Fee - Covers setting up your account, importing your list, training and creating your initial template, plus a professional sign-up page on your website and an attractive welcome email including voucher and bar code if appropriate.

$29.95 Monthly Fee for Mailchimp and SMS package - Includes up to 1000 people on your mailing list, you can send up to 12000 emails to them in a month, 100 SMS credits and access to SMS system to send SMS as needed.

Add on Top-Ups
for extras on your mailing list for extra SMS messages
$10 (500), $15 (1,000), $25 (1,500), $40 (2,500) *In addition to the Base fee of $29.95 $45 (250), $85 (500), $120 (750), $150 (1000), $280 (2000)

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Managed Services

The Club Builder packages are designed to help you get underway and manage your own email marketing, but if you want extra assistance where we deal with all the technical aspects, putting your emails together and organising the send-outs ask us about our managed service

How to Supercharge & Automate your Email Marketing

how to supercharge and automate your email marketing ebook by steve edhouse.png

You Will Learn:

  • Ten Essential List Building steps
  • How to create raving fans of your newsletter
  • Top Email Automation and Software tips
  • How to transform readers into buyers