Conversion Optimisation

If you do not have a clear sales funnel, which your website visitors flow through to your ultimate landing/sales pages then you are missing out on many subscribers, enquiries and sales, people who never see calls to action to sign-up or your product details and offers. In some cases simplifying your site or removing clutter will dramatically increase enquiries, use of best practice for layout and copy to lead visitors down the path to making enquiries is essential. For those with bigger visitor numbers split testing of alternative layouts can also yield big results

conversion optimisation involved

What does conversion optimisation involve

Conversion Optimisation starts by looking at what the clear destinations are, checking whether they have landing pages to increase conversion on those pages, and then looks at the flow through your site. Have you got clear calls to action on each page driving visitors to the landing pages, is the flow natural, do they understand what they need to trust you enough to buy or subscribe.

conversion optimisation data analysis

Data analysis is essential for a high performing site

A key part of conversion optimisation is looking at your website visitor data before and after and checking each stage of the funnel has been modified to drive the maximum people on to the next stage, optimisation without analytics is very common in the web industry where people just go for stylish pages but ignore the underlying data which tells us if they succeed in their purpose.

Community building without lead generation is pointless

Yes building engagement and providing interesting articles are very important to build your authority and generate repeat visits. But these pages are there for a purpose: You can only build your community IF they remember how to find your site again, to do this they subscribe to your newsletters and follow you on social media so you can be proactive and the communication channels are opened. Without effective calls to action on your pages 95% of people will never return.

Don’t Sales websites conflict with building communities?

Sales funnels and conversion analysis is not about making your site salesy and overbearing, it is about making it as easy as possible for visitors to continue the conversation with you, learn more about you and trust you enough to ultimately buy from you. Without them following you or subscribing to your newsletters you have almost no chance of ever doing the warm fuzzy “community building” everyone talks about today.

The goal of websites is to build mailing lists, to increase 2 way conversation with customers through social media and to ultimately lead to sales, if yours is not doing this well you need conversion optimisation.

and we can discuss how conversion optimisation can work for your site.

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