Direct Marketing

You will have heard the saying it is easier to get a repeat sale from customers than a new sale, in fact it costs 5 to 10x as much to generate new sales as those from existing customers.

Regular newsletters to a "VIP Club" and automated series of emails triggered on downloads, sales, enquiries can easily boost sales with little extra effort if done the right way without being perceived as spam.

Customers actually love genuine emails sent at the right time IF they are put together in the right way (see below).  Let us show you how and help you revolutionise your customer communications  while boosting your bottom line.

Direct Marketing Goldmine

Do it right & your existing clients will be a goldmine

Are you using best practice when communicating with your existing customers. You should be, you are sitting on a goldmine if you can turn them into loyal evangelists who not only buy more but also spread the word by telling their friends about you.

Drect Marketing emai to friends

But isn't email just spam?

STOP NOW if you are doing a dry boring and spammy sales pitch in every email. You are turning people off, showing you do not respect them and making them ignore you or unsubscribe. This technique will lower your open rates and alienate your customers and is not much different from spam?

BUT Your email could be like a letter to a friend, an interesting mini magazine that people love to read for the articles, humour and personality as well as learning more about you, your industry and your products. You can create something they look forward to and want to share with their others that will bring you and your team closer to your customers.  Let us show you the way.

Are you throwing your money away?

Wasting money attracting high cost new customers even though you haven't already tapped into those you already have?

Are you Missing potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities with automated after sales communications, failing to show your customers you love them by not asking for feedback after sales or staying in touch?

Direct Marketing community sales system

Your Direct Marketing Specialists

Direct Marketing using Email or SMS is often just the push your customers and new leads need to turn them into buyers. We have experience creating and running campaigns with stats like

  • sign-up rates exceeding 45%,
  • boosted sales by 35%,
  • generated 57% increases in list sizes
  • Thousands of website visitors.  

Direct Marketing heart for people

Are you showing your clients the love today?

We would love to discussyour business and some marketing strategies and campaigns which will help you generate more sales.

Once you have a good email and/or sms set-up it is easy to maintain and boost your repeat sales or referrals. Why not take the easy way to set-up smart email marketing with help from The LoveMarketers & show your clients the love today.  

The LoveMarketers have the skills you need, whether it is landing pages, split testing, list-building, creating clubs or smart marketing campaigns, you are in the right hands.

Want to discuss your marketing ideas?

You can brainstorm your next campaign with us, we are happy to work with your existing specialists or help with any areas needed, just strategies or the whole hog from web pages and social media posts through to graphics and of course implementation of your Direct Marketing Campaign.

Contact us now

Just want to get things set-up and running, try one of our quick-start packages below:

Direct Marketing email VIP

Club & List Builder

Do your customers feel like they are part of a VIP group, getting extra special treatment. Are you using emails to build your relationships, and interact with customers at a personal level? Regular emails full of interesting that actually get read and encourage your customers to act on them. Learn more about the club builder package

Direct Marketing email sms

Community Sales System

A high yield solution to boost your repeat sales with proven digital marketing techniques.

The ultimate complement to your existing marketing

  • Sales & Social media communications designed to bring your clients closer
  • Complete series of pre-purchase, sales and post purchase communications

Experience soaring rates of upsells, cross-sells, repeat sales and referrals.

Join the online revolution Right Now - learn more about the sales system

How to Supercharge & Automate your Email Marketing

how to supercharge and automate your email marketing ebook by steve edhouse.png

You Will Learn:

  • Ten Essential List Building steps
  • How to create raving fans of your newsletter
  • Top Email Automation and Software tips
  • How to transform readers into buyers