Landing Pages Optimisation

lLanding Pages Optimisation

Have you designed specific landing pages as the ultimate destination in your website and for all your marketing campaigns (such as newsletters, social media and adwords). We have developed landing pages for clubs that result in 45% of visitors signing up to the club. How many people who visit your club page sign-up, most newsletter signups we see are lucky to get 1 in 100 visitors signing up. Poor design of landing pages is this biggest cause of failed websites, no clarity on the benefits, no trust factors, poor design and unclear calls to action dramatically slash potential sign-ups or sales.

Landing pages/sales pages should be built into every site

Why promote your product, club, download or other key goals of your site with a single paragraph, the reality is the more information you provide the more chance of getting a sale. Some designers and corporates love neat tidy little sentences and imagine that the strength of their design will get sales. The reality is before anyone buys they go through a well known process to consider that purchase, if you help them by answering their questions in a logical manner the chance of a sale sky rockets.

Landing pages are essential if you are doing any other marketing

Landing page marketing

If you are running marketing on social media, adwords, newsletters or traditional media, you will often be spending big money to drive people to your site in the hope of getting them to buy or take up your offer. Lack of a landing page may mean your results are under 50% what they could be, you are just throwing money away on a brilliant campaign where the destination does not convert. just a 10% improvement in conversions from smart landing pages can improve the Return on investment of your other marketing massively.

What can The LoveMarketer do for my landing pages

We follow best practice with landing pages, but also believe solid design in keeping with your sites theme and style is also essential. Landing pages don’t have to be ugly, but they do need to answer all the questions and objections your lead may have. Common elements are:

  • Carefully chosen images that reinforce the product.
  • Use of landing page layout principles, subheads and bullet points to make it easy to skim.
  • Trust factors such as testimonials and guarantees to reassure customers.
  • Clear and easy to fill in forms/purchase processes.
  • Most importantly a strong focus on the benefits visitors get from the offer.

The LoveMarketers team have spend hundreds of hours studying best practice in landing pages and implementing pages with dramatic improvements to clients sites, why don’t you touch base with us by sending an enquiry and we can discuss how to help you as well.

How to Supercharge & Automate your Email Marketing

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