Marketing Assistant Package Details

Your Online Marketing Team

If you want consistent growth & better results from your content marketing and community building activities you need to be able to put in many hours re-purposing & distributing content.

You can try to do this yourself, outsourcing to India or hiring expensive local specialists and dealing with all the hassles this involves, or you can let us create a solid team for you of pre-trained specialists available for set hours every month at reasonable rates.

Not just a labour force,
but smart marketing strategies to guide them

Marketing Assistant Lovemarketer train

To generate top results you must have a cohesive online marketing strategy feeding your sales pipeline. Each piece of content needs to serve a purpose and fit into the big picture, with logical calls to action leading your visitors into your community further.

Top content turns viewers/followers into community members and then into buyers. Without a content/sales pipeline strategy you are just pointlessly churning out information.

To get good ongoing sales online requires a solid foundation, communicating regularly with leads and clients and constantly publishing new material across a variety of platforms. This is too time consuming and costly for most entrepreneurs due to the high labour requirements of this sort of activity.

Updates of Platforms - Setting the foundations

Marketing Assistant Package

Before worrying too much about pushing out content it is vital to build on a solid foundation. Your existing platforms (website, social media, email) will probably need updating to ensure they match your corporate brand and of course feed into your sales pipeline properly. The Marketing Assistants package will ensure this is done the right way and covers your key content marketing & community building activities.

Many people look for instant results often paying for adverts to drive visits to their site and grow followers, but then fail to turn these people into active members of their community and actual buyers, as they have no sales pipeline or "sticky content"

Essential Return On Investment and Key Performance Indicator Tracking Included

You can keep your marketing on track with KPI and ROI reports based on tracking views, sign-ups & conversions at each step of your sales pipeline:

  1. From showing interest - viewing your website & social media
  2. Through to becoming part of your community - subscribing to emails and interacting with you
  3. To the ultimate goal of turning them into actual customers

Your tracking system and key performance indicators will show you which areas are generating the best results and those which require extra attention.

Your Own Team Full Transparency
No Hassle marketing

You not only gain a range of marketing assistants, but also a project manager, digital strategist, and specialised marketer to help plan out your quarterly marketing activities. Effectively adding a bunch of online marketers to complement your existing workforce, but without the management hassles.

The LoveMarketers believe in transparency at all levels of our operation so you will be able to view timesheets and interact directly with all team members as needed.

Marketing Assistants detail planning your strategy

Planning Your Strategy Understanding Your Market

(Pre-planning & Month 1)

Developing a Content & Sales Pipeline plan, then ensuring everyone is following a single coherent strategy for all online marketing activities is essential if you want success. Before we get into the “doing” we need to create some solid plans based on research, meetings and interviews.

  • Digital Marketing Roadmap - Content & online marketing plan - What activities you need to complete each month to implement a successful online sales funnel & create the content your customers need.
  • Customer Profile Report - Interviews and research to Identify & profile key customer segments, allowing the creation of appropriate sales pipelines which will target the right customer segment.
  • IT Roadmap - Identification and training in the best software to use on desktops, mobiles and laptops to make your content production, communication and updating quicker and easier.
  • Online Reporting & Analysis Setup - Key Performance Indicators & Return on Investment Reports & Historic Analysis. Identifying information points & how they feed your Marketing IQ system.

Marketing Assistants building your foundation

Building the Foundation

(Month 1 & 2)

Getting the foundation right means: Setting up conversion tracking, carrying out market research, tweaking your site to include the right calls to action, improving platforms & profiles, implementing systems - plus training your team to work with the marketing assistants & new technology we suggest

Base Setups

  • Website Sales Funnel Setup & conversion/goal tracking
  • Social Media Styling & profile setups to match branding and key messages
  • Email Marketing - Newsletter Styling & List Segmentation, Annual Plan
  • Technology Implementation - Mobile Apps, Web Browser extensions and software

Research and Planning

  • Content re-purposing & production, publishing & search optimisation plan
  • Content gathering/rewriting for Posts on social media
  • Market Research - Industry, Products, Competitors, Clients
  • Search Engine Analysis -Current Rankings, Keyword Identification

Marketing Assistants on going marketing

Ongoing Marketing

(Month 3 Onwards)

Each Quarter a plan will be created by our marketing strategists and your team to achieve specific goals. Working out the what areas to focus on and how to get the best results by using best practice online marketing principles. Most months would involve a mixture of the following activites:

Website updating and content creation

  • Creation/improvement of custom forms for website as needed - customer sign-ups, downloads etc.
  • Search Engine Optimisation of webpages
  • Adding new wording and images to your website via a content management system.
  • Setting up contests or downloadable products for e-mail list-building
  • Sourcing suitable articles & images for content on the website & social media.
  • E-book editing and setup of basic e-books ready for download
  • Specialist Marketing Assistant services include: html/ftp work, working on themes, plugins etc.

Social Media updates

  • Updates, interaction and customer management of Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, You Tube, Slideshare, Google Plus and any other social media platforms required
  • Improving profile settings on social media to ensure consistent messages across all platforms
  • Sourcing suitable content to complement material you have created & Re-purposing content to be suitable for other channels
  • Basic Competitor and industry monitoring - ongoing competitor and industry intelligence.
  • Specialist Services include: Video Editing, Graphic Design and Slideshow creation

Link-building & directory submission

  • Google maps updates
  • Identifying suitable linking partners and manually submitting your site to appropriate directories
  • Distributing original content and submitting articles, Submitting press releases to online PR outlets
  • Monitoring review websites and alerting you to issues, Participating in forums and posting comments

Email Newsletter management

  • Mailing list data entry, management and segmentation
  • Adding new fields/groups to help segmentation
  • Mailing list manipulation and cleaning in excel
  • Basic integration with websites
  • Preparing content supplied ready for newsletters
  • Managing, sending and reviewing reports
  • Setup of Emails on base templates and variants*
  • Specialist Services include: Email graphic design and complex template creation

What is a Marketing Assistant & what do you get?

Marketing Assistants what do you get

Marketing assistants carry out your tasks and implement marketing systems and procedures created by digital marketing agency “The Lovemarketers” to give you a solid base on which to grow your business. Your marketing assistants deal with key online marketing and community management activities that most businesses do not have time or skills to carry out.

Marketing assistants are there to support your other marketing efforts, they are not magic bullets or substitutes for solid salesmanship and selling strategies.

Marketing assistants are real people you can delegate to who will carry out activities in a transparent manner, fully auditable by you. You get to see their timesheets, reports of activity and results generated.

Marketing assistants complement your other marketing activities by providing ongoing updates, upgrades to content on social media and websites, content re-purposing and distribution, plus link-building and marketing related admin. activities which are vital to companies aiming at success online today.

Marketing assistants maintain and grow your community in an organic manner, improving interactions with your existing community & helping you to create a professional online presence. You will get a solid team to help you launch contests, offers and marketing initiatives & repurpose original content you write.

Marketing Assistants complement & support external marketing specialists & your own team. High-end activities and those requiring complex industry or product knowledge should be overseen or carried out by your other team members or external specialists for the best results, not marketing assistants. e.g. Product copy, original content creation, paid google advertising, conventional media placement, event marketing, telemarketing and personal selling, corporate branding, website programming.

Marketing Assistants Are Not:

A magic bullet - used in isolation they will not result in massive increases in sales. You will get a good return on investment, but your marketing assistants goal is to build your content marketing and community in a steady manner, adding more leads for your sales pipeline in early stage marketing, they generate most financial results in the medium term rather than the short term.

Employees needing constant supervision and quality control, they are specially trained in key online marketing areas and supervised by The LoveMarketers project management team to ensure you get high quality workmanship following best practice online marketing techniques.

A substitute for highly specialised professionals in: Online marketing strategy, website programming, complex graphics & corporate re-branding , copywriting, photography or similar highly skilled tasks. You and your team are the best possible sources of content - your marketing assistants are there to tweak, style and re-purpose the high quality original content you have prepared, then get the maximum distribution possible.


What you get in your 12 month package:

Packages are available for $1000, $2500, $5000 or $7500 per month.

There is also a barebones package for $500 which includes some initial marketing planning help, but no co-ordination or ongoing specialist marketing planning. Basically you can use our labour force, software and systems directly, delegating and managing projects yourself, ideal if you know what to do and have the people to manage the team, but your existing team do not have the skills needed.  

All other packages include ongoing co-ordination, account Management, specialist marketing advice and high end marketing strategy roadmaps with quarterly reviews.

Initial implementation plans:

  • Customer Profiling
  • Digital Marketing Roadmap
  • Customer Profile
  • Conversion Pipeline tracking system prepared and implemented for your company

Online Marketing Activities

Normally 50% of the monthly budget is allocated to the online marketing activities with the remaining budget going to Analysis of all results and preparation of KPI and ROI info, specialist marketing planning, ongoing strategy and account management.

The Technicians & Specialists  will carry out these activities including website editing, basic graphics, social media research & posting,website development.

Each type of technican is charged out at different rates depending on their skills, this comes out of your set monthly budget each month and is reported back to you monthly, or available in real time if needed.


A co-ordinator who will oversee tasks on a daily basis and ensure deadlines are met and that all work is of a high quality, liasing with your consultant and marketing strategy team


Technicians who can carry out basic admin style marketing activities, market research, gathering information, editing and updating sites and social media, similar activities to those a personal assistant or secretary can carry out charged out at $20 p.h.


Specialist Technicians for marketing activities requiring more specialised skills such as web development, basic graphic design of marketing material, search optimisation etc. charged out at $30 per month


Local Specialists for when you require high level skills such as copywriting by a local copywriter, or complex website setup work such as initial theme setups, php programming etc. charged out at $60 p.h.
+IF the software and special advertising fund (see below) is not used, at the end of a quarter the remaining budget from this can be reallocated back to the main labour budget for use in the following quarter

Software and special advertising Fund

5% of the monthly fee is allocated to this fund each month to cover Software Licenses, and special advertising activities on social media or other useful channels to boost specific campaigns or increase visibility.

  • The benefits of each license or suggested paid advertising will be explained clearly and authorised by you prior to use, you may choose to increase budget once you are confident a particular technique is working well
  • License fees are for software which may be needed to improve management, promotion and marketing of your business, or useful add-ons to your social media
  • This fund will build up if not used in a month, allowing bigger campaigns to be planned as time goes on OR if at the end of a quarter it is not used and not expected to be needed in the upcoming quarter then any remaining budget can be reallocated to be used as part of the main online marketing activites budget for the upcoming quarter

Consultancy and project management 

  • Liason with your project team to review and approve key parts of your project and keep you informed each week of progress
  • Monthly marketing strategy meetings carried out in person or over skype
  • Phone Access to your consultant to discuss any issues or queries

Marketing Strategy Planning 

  • Carried out by your Marketing Strategist and Specialists in specific areas
  • In depth initial marketing analysis and roadmaps prepared for your company
  • Quarterly plans prepared to guide all marketing activites to be carried out that quarter
  • Skilled analysis of results and KPI data
  • Preparation of results reports, showing what changes have resulted from the marketing activities each month
  • Specialised expertise to guide development of strategies for your company in the key areas of Social Media, Website Conversion, Search Engine Optimisation and Direct Mail


Top Value for Money - Marketing

At our stand-alone rates we would normally charge out $25,000 for the labour alone and another $10,000 for the marketing reports in a $1000 per month package. Many web developers and marketers would charge $60,000-$120,000 ($100-$200 p..h.) for similar services.

But why pay a high end “consultant” for the bulk of your basic marketing?

We know how much of your available budget high priced specialists chew up - This is how we used to do business, but it is just too expensive for the average company to get a good return on investment on a complete marketing package at these rates.

With the normal way agencies do business you never know month to month what your spend will be, making it very hard to plan, budget and get the consistent ongoing work done that is needed to build a solid digital presence.This is why we developed the Marketing Assistant Package with affordable rates.

  • We want you to become a long-term client who gets a high return on investment, and sticks with us indefinitely, so have ensured you get solid value for money with our unique blend of labour to cover your key marketing needs on a sustainable ongoing basis.
  • You not only get trained marketing assistants, but will also be getting specialists monitoring your results and overseeing the implementation of certain areas plus Digital Marketing Strategy from our qualified marketing specialist/account managers.
  • With over 20 years of marketing experience in many areas, our senior digital marketing strategist will also be there to ensure you get the best value out of your marketing assistants and a solid content marketing roadmap to follow.

Terms and conditions

  • Hours roll over if unused in one month
  • Hours expire at the end of the contract if the contract is not renewed.
  • With notice, some extra hours can be “borrowed from upcoming months”
  • 12 month min. contract $12000 minimum spend ($1000 per month)
  • You can opt-out with no penalties at the six month point.
  • Excludes external costs such as phone calls, printing etc. only labour content is covered.
  • You may need to hire external specialists such as high end copywriters, branding specialists, Public relations etc. which are not covered by this contract, but we can help you find people suitable to your needs and liase with them on your behalf.

How to Supercharge & Automate your Email Marketing

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  • How to create raving fans of your newsletter
  • Top Email Automation and Software tips
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