Marketing Assistants

A top digital marketing team is fundamental to your online success

  • You need solid hours spent on the right tasks every week by your team.
  • Who is your online marketing team, do you have one?

The No Hassle way to get solid results every month

The Marketing Assistants Package gives you your own team of specialists working set hours on your online assets every month at an affordable rate.

This is the easiest way to ensure you are continually and consistently publishing the marvelous information your customers are seeking & getting solid results from your digital platforms each and every month

Marketing Assistant

Comprehensive Marketing Assistance

Can complement other marketing activities or specialists you have already contracted in the following areas, or provide a complete service, you call the shots on what you need.

  • Community management and growth strategies planned quarterly
  • Search engine optimsation
  • Social media updates, monitoring and interaction
  • Graphics to boost the look of social media, web & newsletter updates
  • Newsletter creation and analysis of results
  • You tube video creation, editing and publishing
  • Website updates and improvements


STOP Paying

  • Over worked and under skilled existing employees
  • Over-priced specialists
  • Poorly trained outsourcers

Slash your costs of online updates & boost the results the easy way with your own team of skilled online marketing assistants.

Marketing Assistant lovemarketer train

Lovemarketer trained online marketing assistants help you exceed your goals with all the control you need...

BUT none of the hassles of having to manage the process.

You set your goals - We help you exceed them

Is your business ready for the online challenge?

Marketing Assistant package

To get high yields from online marketing spend today, requires you to be good at all the fundamentals:

  • Building cross platform sales funnels with effective online landing pages & calls to action which transform visitors into community members and then into buyers.
  • Having a solid communication strategy for e-mail, social media and even SMS for those customers who want it.
  • Creating exciting and relevant content which is regularly published on multiple platforms.

Regain control with professional help and solid support plus a positive bottom line!

You call the shots
  • Part-time ongoing labour (top value plans from 20 hours per month)
  • Casual Labour contracts (buy blocks of 70 hours to use as you need)

To generate massive business online

Generate a massive business online

You need to dedicate the same level of funding and resources as you would to setting up a physical shop or hiring a new team member.

You need to allocate staff, management and set up systems.

If you do it right the returns will far outweigh what a single outlet can bring in.

BUT only if you dedicate enough time, money and resources to your digital platforms. Let us help you start that journey.

This is an investment, NOT an expense - You may start small, but ultimately you should plan to fund your online platforms well to get the best results, you wouldn't launch a new outlet for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, so why would you do this for the internet which has far more potential than any physical outlet.

If you are serious about the online world you need to be ready to spend tens of thousands of dollars over time.

Luckily we can help you get your foot in the door from only $500 per month, but be ready to boost your investment as you start seeing the returns come in if you truly want to dominate online. Or put more in upfront if you really want to get there faster.

Online marketing assistants are the best way to ensure you are continually and consistently publishing the marvellous information your customers are seeking and getting solid results from your digital platforms.

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How to Supercharge & Automate your Email Marketing

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  • How to create raving fans of your newsletter
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