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How to Boost Visits to your site?

There are four main ways to drive more visitors to your site, you can jump straight through to the area you want to learn about, but we suggest reading on (after this list) before going further to make sure you go for the areas with the best return first.

Before you rush into any of these areas consider doing things in the right order so you get the best returns, see below

Are you wasting your money driving visits that don’t convert?

  • No point paying good money to drive visitors to your site if they visit briefly then leave, this is where website optimisation comes in, keeping them on your site, and generating enquiries, or growing your list.
  • Have you thought about the conversion funnel, how to attract them to the sales pages or get them to make an enquiry, or at least a smart way to get their email address, so your useful info-packed newsletters can help to convert them into buyers.
  • You should ONLY be considering adwords and Social Media if you already have your website in order. Think about SEO and Website optimisation (effective landing pages, sales funnels, good analytics setup with goals) before proceeding with these other strategies.

This way you will get the best results from each dollar you spend and visitor you attract.


You have low hanging fruit…..pick it first.

You should always consider your foundations before moving onto more costly types of marketing and good search optimisation is an essential factor for every site. Have you written pages on your site that are on the topics potential customers search for, are you regularly updating the site in these areas.

Have your developers used best practice on the site and pages to ensure you have the best chance of ranking? Search Optimisation is the gift that keeps on giving, once it is done and you know how to add smart content SEO requires minimal maintenance and you will continue generating more visitors every month.


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The LoveMarketers Approach to SEO

We do a careful analysis of keyphrases, site layout and structure (many sites are missing key elements google needs) before starting with seo itself. We then modify the wording and various tags and urls on the pages to target search phrases and advise on linking strategies to follow. Followed by careful ongoing ranking analysis to check what position you are holding.


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Social Media, getting the conversation started

Many companies focus on getting likes and followers of their social media but forget about why they are doing this often no solid content to add to their authority in their industry just great pictures of cats or spammy adverts to put people off.

Good social media is about a balance between your own information, valuable articles and tips, a bit of humour and personality and most importantly engaging customers in conversations and then offering them good reasons to visit your site.


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Adwords for a fast boost to your site visitor numbers

Without a doubt Pay Per Click advertising is the fastest way to drive visitors to your site and massively increase earnings and sales. But done the wrong way it can cost you more money than it brings in sales, constant reviews and tweaks to your adverts can boost returns, lower cost per click and increase conversion rates.

Adwords needs to include split testing of adverts, careful selection of the best keywords and smart tracking of what happens once they get to your site, which adverts and keywords generated enquiries, what is the cost of those enquiries and tweaks to your advertising based on careful consideration of all the data.

How to Supercharge & Automate your Email Marketing

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You Will Learn:

  • Ten Essential List Building steps
  • How to create raving fans of your newsletter
  • Top Email Automation and Software tips
  • How to transform readers into buyers