Mobile Friendly Sites

Today building a mobile friendly website is exceptionally important with Google dropping ranks for searches made on tablets and mobile phones if your website is not mobile friendly. The LoveMarketers suggests using a responsive framework as the best approach as then your website automatically changes layout to suit mobile or tablet.

A standalone mobile website is not generally a good solution unless used as a quick fix or you are in more of a "web App" space. Mobile sites need to be undated each time a desktop site is and require separate maintenance, whereas a responsive site is a single site which "responds" to the type of device it is being viewed on, changing to single columns, eliminating some images etc. for a mobile phone.

Check out these tools to test whether your website is mobile friendly and how well it performs in terms of server and loading speed, which is also very important for end users and of course search engines if you want to get a good ranking


How to Supercharge & Automate your Email Marketing

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