Sales System

Your community management sales system will engage customers like never before watch your word-of-mouth marketing results skyrocket!

The simple way to use social media & email marketing

You may already sell online, or have a strong mailing list, but you are missing out on the full potential of the technology revolution if you do not have a complete multi-point sales process.

Your fully managed Community and sales solution

Sales System fully managed community sales

Unlock the potential sitting in your mailing list and customer community today.

Let us manage your customer community for you:

  • Solid pre and post sales series of emails
  • Building your lists by generating more referrals
  • Managing your mail-outs and using social media to boost your list size.

Increasing customer satisfaction and turning your brand into the online powerhouse it could be, while boosting your bottom line.

Designed to complement your existing marketing and sales systems whether Retail, wholesale, online or real world. Customised to suit your business.

Leverage the value hidden in your customer lists & modernise your sales processes.

  • Boost sales from current customers with proven high converting communications.
  • Your own community club with remarkable list building potential
  • Built in cross-sell, up-sell and referral systems
  • Fully managed, hassle free expert sales system - building communities & boosting sales
  • Professionally managed sales and service no more newsletter or mail-out dramas.
  • Superior community engagement - high-yield calls to action boosting interactions
  • Top results from new leads - higher conversion rates - more sales.

Complete high-yield email series

  • Bring your clients closer with sensuous promotional material & direct mail
  • Sales & E-commerce support, driving more sales - more often - through smart marketing.
  • Grow your mailing list fast with specially designed Point of Sale and event material
  • Maximum attendance & measurable results from your Events.
  • The ultimate event marketing support, guaranteed to wow your guests.

Your Sales System is customised to your needs and can include any of the following:

Sales System page sales system

A VIP Club your customers love to belong to:

  • A strong customer club to boost your bottom-line, with smart strategies to increase repeat sales
  • Setup of club pages and signup forms on website
  • Current customer invitations to the club
  • Club launch online via social media and email campaign
  • Sell-out your events with our email-marketing system
  • Club sign-up forms and web pages
  • Email marketing newsletters, alerts and sales systems
  • Compelling Invites to join your club including web-landing pages
  • Informative, educational newsletters that actually get opened and read
  • Importing your current mailing list and planning segmentation to get better results
  • Custom template creation for quick and professional mail-outs

Sales System event marketing emails

Event Marketing emails, goodie bags and feedback systems

  • Event Promotions, using mutli-series emails to maximise sales/attendance
  • Tickets Issued with directions and web landing page & Integrated email ticket scanning
  • Feedback surveys - online and physical surveys
  • Goodie bags and post event communications
  • Come back vouchers
  • Invite a friend vouchers
  • Cross promotion vouchers

Sales System point of sale

Point of Sale marketing material

  • Customer club card*
  • Table talker promos
  • Promotional posters - a0, a1, a2, a3, a4 - laminated/framed/canvas/vinyl
  • Small POS - ballot box/club signup if no ipad
  • checkout conter promo material
  • Advanced P.O.S. material available (p.o.a)
  • Ipad stand
  • Displays with slideshow and club signup forms
  • Direct Mail, Print and other promotions
  • You get high quality graphics which you can use in other marketing campaigns and for direct mail, you will also get segmented databases to ensure you get the best value out of physical marketing activities.

The community sales system is not a marketing campaign

It is a support service designed to help you get the most out of leads and your current customers, including emails, social media tie-ins and graphic design.

CSS is designed to complement your existing marketing activities, not replace them

To get the best out of CSS you need:

  • High quality photography to complement the top designs we provide
  • Copywriting of product material to position your products in the best way, the CSS system is already professionally copywritten, but does not include your product copy which you need to provide.
  • Consider putting together a public relations kit
  • Videos created to promote online and support the sales process

You need to master fundamental building blocks of online marketing such as social media, active clubs and smart email marketing to get high growth and a powerful online presence.

Relax and let us do it all for you

Ask for your demo of the system today.

How to Supercharge & Automate your Email Marketing

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  • How to create raving fans of your newsletter
  • Top Email Automation and Software tips
  • How to transform readers into buyers