Search Engine Optimisation

Do you really know what people are searching for?

SEO what people are searching for

Your websites (and business) should be based on a solid understanding of what your customers are looking for, specifically what words customers are typing into search engines to find services like yours. There are tools to find this out precisely so you are not guessing with your seo.

Once you know what words, you can then ensure the pages on your site (and more importantly) articles you write for your content marketing are targeting the areas your customers are looking for with smart seo. Good SEO also includes consideration of your content creation and marketing strategies - what new pages you are regularly adding to your site.

Don’t just guess what Search words your customers use

Failure to analyse keywords properly and just write random articles and seo for what you or your web developer “thinks” people search for risks using the wrong language and not answering the specific questions being typed into search engines, one letter or word can mean an audience for a new page drops from thousands to under 10. Ultimately poor SEO may mean you end up with a beautiful site that gets little or no traffic from this valuable source.

Good SEO = More Traffic = More Sales

good SEO = more traffic, more sales

Solid SEO is essential for a growing site. Well SEO’d sites generate well over 50% of their visitors from search engines. Ask your hosts/current developerswhat percentage of total traffic is search traffic. Once you know what keyphrases you should target make sure you have a smart siteplan that has identified and allocated one search phrase to each page.

Smart Content = More Traffic

Every page on your site can attract more visitors IF the pages are written about areas people search for & optimised for the search engines. A smart “content” strategy, regularly adding on-focus articles and information will not only show Google you are serious with a regularly updated site but generate more “entry points” into your site and more visitors.

Just two new pages per month could add thousands more visitors to your site

IF the pages are well written with the right search words as a target, each new page can generate anything from 10-500 new visitors per month, over time this adds up to many thousands more visitors per month.

But you need to consider SEO when adding new content to ensure the maximum possible people see your new pages and click your links in the search engines, then carry out ongoing analysis of your rankings on the search engines to ensure you maintain your top spots.

New Content can be reused and boosts buyers.

Write about your new articles in your email newsletters, link to them in your social media and of course smart SEO means your new articles get read by the right people helping to position your business as an authority in the industry.

Smart Calls to action on your new pages and conversion funnels will turn these visitors into subscribers, followers, leads and buyers

Ready for the next step?

Smart SEO attracts more visitors to existing pages, and guides you in how to add the solid content your potential customers are asking for on a regular basis.

But how much will it cost me?

Every site is different, prices range depending on how many pages, how many different keyphrases and how well structured the site was in the first place.

SEO in depth analysis

In depth site analysis, reviewing for any issues and improvements needed on the site, we carry out a 25 point check on your sites structure and current SEO and give advice on how it can be improved. $250-$750. Sometimes this guidance plus some keyword research and training of your current team is enough to set you on the right track.

SEO keyword research

Keyword research costs $50 per group of keywords researched,

SEO actual optimisation

Actual optimisation $40 per page depending on how easy to edit your pages.

SEO expect to pay

Expect to pay $500-$950 for small sites and more for larger ones

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SEO is more than just keywords

Search Optimisation is far more complex than many so called specialists realise as you will see from this chart, The LoveMarketers can advise you on how your site stacks up in the areas covered by this chart and then advise how to improve it and provide you a quote to do the work if needed. Don't leave your SEO to chance, look at the big picture and be confident your ranks will continue to improve.

Periodic Table of SEO 2013

The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors

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