Boost Your Social Media Today

The quick and easy way to kick off your social media marketing, anything from setting up your accounts with stylish banners and photos to top software to make posting easier and boost sign-ups to your mailing lists.

Today a social media profile & marketing campaign can be even more effective than your website. Invest in your social media to get the best results and make sure you don’t get left behind today.

The Quick Start Series:

Profile Setup & Styling $397

Account & profile setup, with professional banners & images to ensure your social media is consistent with your brand. Plus you get tips on essential software to simplify posting & gathering content.

You will also find out how to create compelling posts your customers will read and interact with plus you will get a sign-up form built into your social media to help you build your mailing list.

Account & Profile setup

  • Profile setup with all your key details
  • Appropriate banner Image
  • Tabs & small images
  • Integrated form to help you capture email addresses of your followers

Posting and Marketing Tips

  • How to make compelling posts
  • Key software to simplify posting and content gathering
  • How to use your phone, browser to setup posts

Setup more social media

  • Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Linked In, you choose
  • 2 for $597, 3 for $750, 4+ only $100 each extra social media platform

Posting & Content Starter Kit $497

The easy way to get underway with posting high value information to interest and stimulate your followers on social media. After having a chat to you we will create compelling posts about your industry, business and key products.

You will get your first 2-4 weeks of posts setup to get you underway plus some solid guidelines on how to create and find more content to keep your posts exciting for your followers. Don’t worry you won’t be thrown into the deep end we will also critique your first posts and guide you through the process.

Collection of initial posts designed to interest followers and increase interaction

  • 45 specially created posts of interest to your followers
  • 25 posts about your business
  • 20 general posts which we research for you, related to your industry and what your customers are likely to be interested in.
  • Setup of special software to automate posting
  • Setup of special software on your browser and phone to make it easier to gather more content for posts and even allow you to easily queue content for posts while on the run.

Guidance and support to get you on track with your posting

  • All your posts will be loaded up into an automated system to ensure you keep a regular schedule of posting, supplementing the manual posts you come up with.
  • All posts are prepared by our social media specialists and are designed to get the maximum interaction from your customers and target market
  • Guidelines on how to create compelling posts that attract followers, shares, boost interaction and build your mailing lists with the goal of increasing sales
  • You will also get a critique of the first set of posts created by your team to help you stay on the right track

Setup more social media

  • Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Linked In, you choose
  • 2 for $597, 3 for $697, 4+ $75 each extra social media platform

Long Term Content updates and online marketing packages also available

If you would like ongoing asisstance with your content and marketing at a heavy discount to the above rates you can also choose to have 12 month marketing assistant packages giving you up to 20 hours of help with your social media, emails and online marketing activities, available from $497 per month

Social Media Sales Booster $997

Increase your followers, build your mailing lists, boost your sales.

You already have social media, but it may not be creating new followers, building your mailing list or translating into sales.

You need solid marketing strategies & content to make your social media effective, let us help you to quickly get some results focused marketing for your social media.

You get campaign outlines, graphics & templates for your website P.O.S. & newsletters to make it quick and easy to supercharge your social media and start getting results.

Graphics and wording to use in your existing website & marketing*

  • Turn website visitors into social media followers with banners, and adverts ready for your site
  • Use our ready to go templates to send-out in your email newsletters
  • Point of Sale and promotional graphics to encourage physical visitors and buyers of your products to follow your social media

Ready to go marketing systems

Get your social media followers interacting with these ready to go strategies, which we will help to customise to your needs, including posts, follow-thrus & promotional material for your emails and website. Incudes content suitable for all your social media platforms. These are starters which you can easily modify for ongoing promotions or other types of marketing.

  • Contest kit designed to boost mailing list sign-ups from social media followers -
  • 3 graphics,
  • 5 posts
  • 2 emails and a contest entry form
  • Spot Prize series including pre-promotions material and follow-up
  • Product Launch, Event or Online event promo
  • Feedback and product/service development strategy

*Content is ready for your web, graphics and marketing specialists to update your website and newsletters. Or you can contract us to update your website, emails if you prefer.

How to Supercharge & Automate your Email Marketing

how to supercharge and automate your email marketing ebook by steve edhouse.png

You Will Learn:

  • Ten Essential List Building steps
  • How to create raving fans of your newsletter
  • Top Email Automation and Software tips
  • How to transform readers into buyers