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Before wasting your money bringing new visitors to your site you need to ensure that once they get there you get the best results possible, this is where conversion optimisation comes in.

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Has your website got a clear sales funnel?

Beautiful websites that don’t generate leads and sales are a waste of time, your website should be designed to bring results, you need conversion optimisation of your website to improve enquiries and sales.

You need to measure the “conversion rate” on every page, how many people progress down the path to a sale, every page should have solid calls to action created in the right way, with sitewide sales funnels that drive people towards your landing pages, if a page does not lead to a specific result there is no point having it there.

landing pages

Landing Pages

Landing Pages are pages with one purpose only, to get customers to sign-up to something, make an enquiry or make a purchase. There are well known methods for getting the maximum results from a landing page, when it is constructed properly you will find big improvements in conversion rates for that page, perfect for adwords campaigns and all other marketing activities such as contests, club sign-ups etc.

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Conversion Optimisation

While landing pages are single pages aimed at getting the maximum result, they are the final destination of multiple pages within a website. Conversion optimisation is about looking at your sitewide sales funnel, how do visitors flow through your site, are the calls to action on each page convincing. Does the site structure naturally drive people to landing pages. Good conversion optimisation can have dramatic results on website enquiries

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Mobile Friendly sites

Today for most businesses over 30% of visitors to your site will be viewing it on mobile phones or tablets, if your site is not displaying properly then many people leave immediately as it is too much hassle to use your site. Well formatted “responsive” website designs adapt depending on what platform your visitors are on, showing in a single column for phones, maybe two columns for tablets in portrait mode, and then full size if a tablet is in landscape. There is no need for doubling up by having a mobile website, a responsive site is just a single site which adapts to suit the device. Easy to maintain, no need to enter info twice

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